BuyVM Slabs arrive in Luxembourg! Ryzen! Free Snapshots! Free routed /48, & IP load balancing oh my!


We’d like to start by wishing you and your family a happy holidays, and a happy new years!

We’re so damn excited to announce the availability of our Block Storage Slabs, as well as our Ryzen 3900x based slabs, in Luxembourg and New York!

Snapshots & Backups are now also available in both locations! Snapshots are free, but limited in count.

IP load balancing is available in the form of ECMP. It’s completely free, just contact our support department and we’ll assign you a private ASN that you can use to peer with our route server and announce your floating/anycast IP addresses!


  • $1.25/month per 256GB.

  • Increases in increments of 1TB after the 1st 1TB.

  • Maximum of 10TB per Volume.

  • Maximum of 8 Volumes attached to a single Virtual Server.

  • Storage is NVME cached for both reads and writes (over 10TB of active caching!)

  • Storage is connected to all nodes over Infiniband RDMA to give local storage like performance!

ORDER BLOCK STORAGE SLABS HERE! Las Vegas / New York / Luxembourg


SLICE 1024

  • ¼ Core @ 3.9+ GHz on a Ryzen 3900X CPU!

  • Fair Share CPU Usage

  • 1024 MB Memory

  • 20 GB NVME Storage

  • 1000Mbit Unmetered Bandwidth!

  • 1 IPv4 Address

$3.50/month - Las Vegas / New York / Luxembourg

SLICE 2048

  • ½ Core @ 3.9+ GHz on a Ryzen 3900X CPU!

  • Fair Share CPU Usage

  • 2048 MB Memory

  • 40 GB NVME Storage

  • 1000Mbit Unmetered Bandwidth!

  • 1 IPv4 Address

$7.00/month - Las Vegas / New York / Luxembourg

We’d like to personally thank all of the beta testers that have taken part in this product roll out.







no place anymore at luxemburg ? :frowning_face:

EDIT : Founded out your link points to “Shopping Cart - FranTech” while it should be “Shopping Cart - FranTech” if I am right.

Between I can’t found it but are you RGPD/GDPR complient?

Should be fixed.

Yes we are on GDPR.


Awesome to hear I took a tiny slice to test you out. :grin: but the pricing of the block storage is awesome.
Did you have any disk failures until now that caused any data loss since it’s on some RAID 10 arrays?

At the very beginning of our Vegas roll out we had some corruption happen due to some older RAID cards, LSI 9266’s. There wasn’t anything newer at the time. Basically one of them had a bad battery and a power failure at the DC + an older version of XFS caused some headaches for us.

Since then we swapped brands back to Adaptec which uses sold state batteries, upgraded to the new version of XFS, and addressed our power issues in LV (was only A side for storage, B side was added). Things have been solid in that regard since.

LV’s due for a software upgrade any week now, I just have to schedule it. NY & LU are already on the latest/greatest configuration and been solid.


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Really intressting, nice to hear you got it fixed.
In the last weeks I am having a lot of troubles with the HP’s backplanes when I change a disk sometimes they are totally inverted it’s really built like ***** but it’s intressting that a simple bad battery could do so much damange.
The price is really awesome I will check again if my server is ready tommorow and quite excited to test it out :smile:

It was more a perfect shit storm of a few things all acting weird at the same time.

We had run the blockstorage in Vegas for 8 months prior to going public with things. We had done crash tests/etc and things were all good. As always though, leave it to Moore to kick me in the teeth.

When we redid things in Vegas we took it as a good time to simplify things a bit :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the interest! Hope to see you soon!


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