BuyVM/BuyShared Adds Free Blesta & Softaculous Licenses

Saw Fran sharing this in the discord yesterday and the order links are live. Free Blesta & Softaculous for all BuyVM + BuyShared customers.

Blesta: BuyVM - Free Blesta Licenses with your BuyVM VPS - Free WHMCS Alternative
Softaculous: BuyVM - Free Softaculous License with every BuyVM VPS - Easy Automated Software Installer

Plus the already launched DirectAdmin licenses.

Just posted on the other forum but thought I’d share here as well.


Ahhhhhh :slight_smile: been waiting for the good news. Thanks, Fran

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Thank you <3

I forget if the softaculous api will override the free license, double it up or reject but I ordered for my slices.

Now I’m really debating making a switch to Blesta… just to keep costs low.

It’ll bump it up, but sometimes if the trial license isn’t already flagged as a VPS license it bugs out. It’s an easy enough fix on your end and then we can apply the order.

Give it a test run on a development install. If you like it, keep it. If you don’t, just cancel it. You’re out nothing.



I’ll take a look on PC, sorry for the spam :wink:

And yep! Just got another slice for Blesta.

Edit: On that note, I was provisioned two licenses, I’m just going to try the original.


Is the migration from cPanel to DA happening for the lv-shared02


We’re not converting any nodes.

We’ve setup a directadmin node and will offer to bring over anyone that wants to.


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Ohh ok, I thought cPanel nodes were being converted due to popular demand. My bad.
I’ll be one of those asking for the move :slight_smile:

Your payment method is: berniepay

Thanks communism equineism!

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Blesta set up. Pretty straight forward.

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Even less chance of spotting free stock now lol.


Slice ordered. Damn I was lucky there was stock in Luxemburg. Waiting to see storage slabs in Lux. Are there any chances to get them in the following months (like 3 or so :sweat_smile:)?

To be fair, at the minute, if there was stock I’d only be ordering for the sake of it - and I’m trying to avoid doing that as I really wouldn’t have a use for it (other than replacing my existing Blesta install)

Set up a notification ( They come and go daily


I looked at Blesta… Gonna need more than a weekend :wink:




nginx or apache2? I had some toubles with nginx and pretty URLs in the staff portal thanks to not well-enough documented caching. Also you might want to ask Francisco to whitelist your IP if you plan to send emails (even from remote SMTP) :sweat_smile:


Confirmed. @Francisco works for the Illuminati (hosting department) and wants to take over the hosting world!

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Great value indeed^^

Slabs in Luxembourg in spring 2020 at the earliest as far as I’m informed.

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