Buying Refurbished Monitors

Any experience with buying refurbished monitors or used monitors from ebay? Looking for a cheap-ish 22-24 inch monitor as second monitor with DVI or DP. A new one starts from 80€ish 22inch.
Ebay ones start at 30€ for a used Fujitsu, and offers a refurbished Acer 22inch for 50€ish + sending cost. Or rather suck it up and get a new one for 80€ish?

Looking into the same right now.
You even find 23" IPS for about 55 with shipping.

Downside is, that thing can be already 3-4 Years old.
So I thought about waiting for another deal for like 80-90€ new.

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It’s crazy how cheap you can get monitors for now. I got my two 24" IPS 4K monitors for about £160 each (both refurbished from Ebay), which was an absolute steal. I cannot work on 1080P displays anymore, you lose far too much screen real estate.

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A decent one 34" SJ550 Ultra-wide WQHD Monitor | Samsung Support Australia is ~1300 usd here ( availability has been quite limited and prices :confused:)

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Also, due to corona, prices went up, so maybe bad time to buy now.

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Also, 1440p is the worst gaming res, and I say this as a 1440p user. Pixels aren’t 1:1 and no resolutions (1080p/2160p) are native so you are forced onto 1440p else everything will look “smudged”. The advantages: it looks nicer than 1080p, it’s actually possible to run past 60FPS unlike 4K. That’s about it.

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Decided to not gamble on a used one and bought a 21.5/22 inch monitor from AOC (brand-new) for some 75€. The other ones below 50€ I found were used and didn’t have a 1920x1080 resolution and shipping would often be an additional 9,90€, so not really worth it. Those over 50€ that had a 1920x1080p were used, got 1 year warranty at best and with shipping not really cheaper than the 75€ brand-new one.

I got this model, precisely:

Not the best ofc, but serves my needs :slight_smile:

Amazon warehouse lists its even cheaper and “brand new”.
Besides, its VGA only, so a deal breaker for me.

edit: also DVI apparently, maybe I snag it…
Good enough for monitoring

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I’d also recommend warehousedeals, at least for the german store everything that’s like new or very good you usually can buy without a second thought. and you can still return it easily.

another option that works quite good is ebay kleinanzeigen. rather than ebay itself, where you have to consider the high fees for a seller kleinanzeigen is good to find used stuff if you have a bit time and are patient.
depending on where you live it’s usually easy to have a look at it before buying, if you are concerned about the condition…


I took it because of the DVI. VGA only would’ve been a deal breaker.

So the second monitor AOC arrived. I’m happy with it. 16:9, Full HD, DVI, 74€, 3 years warranty. Just gonna put smth under to kinda match heigth level of main one.


You need some riser blocks or a monitor arm :wink:


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Second image wont load :confused: Thanks for the first pic!

Nice observation: Amazon now offers “professional tech support” to some (not all) tech products you have bought. For the AOC monitor, my WD Hard Drive, my Wonderboom Bluetooth Speakers and other stuff I can now (after navigating to “order details” on Amazon) click an extra button called “Tech support”. You can opt for Chat Support or ask them to call you back between 6:00-23:00. Furthermore they list contact details to the official product support (e.g. WD hotline, email etc). Neat. I tested the Amazon tech support live chat and didn’t wait for more than a couple of seconds. Inquired whether my Wonderboom could pair 2 devices at once. Tech agent replied after like 1 minute saying it doesn’t work. Fair enough. Asked whether my AOC was rotable by default (I knew it wasnt), they also replied within minutes. Asked how long warranty is. Amazon 2 years, AOC 3 years.

So far, so good. It becomes harder and harder to support local stores tbh. Amazon is often way cheaper, has the better (instant) service, has no issues with refunds/returns and is just overall quicker.

My parents next SmartTV I’m gonna buy on Amazon, then point them to the Amazon tech “call back” function in case they need to talk to a tech support. More free time for me. Anything they can’t handle, I’ll still have to do :slight_smile:

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Amazon is doing the things that the rest of shops are not doing. It is practically impossible To beat them. It is like hetzner.


Same, but I need to wait for my cable to be delivered yet…
I thought I had a matching cable but meh.

Thanks for the monitor tip.


Luckily, they sent me both a DVI and VGA for the monitor. Quite nice to have them included.

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Yea same, but I need DVI to micro HDMI for RPi4


Ah, right. Also got an AOC, I see :slight_smile:

Which is better samsung or AOC i have checked the prices for a 22-24 inch and there are in the same range . Is AOC better option?