Brainstrom: 7.50 a TB

I know these days you got a lot of cloud providers to choose from, google, apple, buyvm. But what are you guys thinking about euro 7.50 a tb storage? Would this be something to be interested about? connection wise, i was thinking about running nextcloud ontop of it. this would give you webdav to access your data. the data would be mirrored on a second server as a backup. So even if there is a hardware failure all data will be there. might even go a different layout that caches much more, so lots of data that is accessed a lot will be even quicker.

Anyone in for this? And would spent 7.50 a TB or are you guys more like. there is enough already.

  • no, we have enough
  • yes! 1 TB pls
  • yes! 2 TB pls.
  • yes! 5 TB pls
  • Other (comment bellow)

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ZXHost… Never Again!


was not planning on anything like that :slight_smile: also its a brainstorm, see if there is any market also know as market research, something a summer host never does :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, not really, since i can get 1 tb for ~€3 at Hetzner, but surely there’s someone that could make use of this.


Their storage box with 1TB is €7-8 / month.
Perhaps price per tb if you get a real storage server/serverbidding. But then you’ll end up paying more than €7/month in total.

OVH ARMs are about $3 per TB. BuyVM should be going beta with their $5 per TB addon to their VMs soon.

Tough competition

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you be lucky if you get 3 -4 mbit with those arms, and buyvm you will need a vps for that, + a lot of diy :slight_smile:

It seems cheap storage on LET is around $5/TB.

Some offers, just for reference:

  • Wishosting has a 1.8TB KVM for $8.99
  • UltraVPS does €5/TB on their 2TB storage VMs
  • Hetzner does <€5/TB (exc VAT) on the larger storage boxes (2TB and above)
  • LetBox 20GB NVMe + 1TB block storage for $7
  • HostHatch does the occasional offer of 1.5TB for $60/yr ($3.33/TB)

and as mentioned above BuyVM is coming with an offer of block storage for $5/TB.

Indeed tough competition.

The ARMs are nowhere near 3-4 mbit if you change the kernel, I have 5 of them. And according to Ponny boy, there won’t be any DIY involved, and even if there is, I don’t care.

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It’s just mounting a block storage volume, so mounting a drive. If someone can’t ‘diy’ that, then they don’t belong anywhere near a VPS.

And I agree re: Arm boxes. Have some limitations but can easily do 200Mbps by getting rid of the stock kernel.

1.9Gbps is hardly “3-4 mbit”.

That is pretty decent indeed, So your saying you get 1.9 Gbps from those soyoustart HDD servers?

that I am