Bluetooth is a Bad Protocol

Bluetooth is driving me insane. My MacBook would drop all Bluetooth connections once every 50 minutes or so for about 20 seconds. Now that I’m using my PC as a daily driver again, I’m experiencing the same thing with a different mouse, but not my earphones. It totally disconnects seemingly until I put the PC to sleep and wake it up. Seems like something is putting Bluetooth to sleep, I just can’t figure out what and it’s driving me crazy.

I get a lot of interference for having too many Bluetooth devices near my laptop. I have to remind myself not to set my phone between the laptop and trackpad.

Bluetooth is just an awful protocol.

I think one of the main cause is it run on 2.4 GHz so get interference from thing such as WiFi.

The other thing I’ve noticed that would stop Bluetooth working on my laptop is external USB 3 drives if the shielding on the cable is poor I got one external drive if I use the original usb lead Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz WiFi on laptop begins to play up.

Had this exact problem on my Huawei Matebook - articles online suggested buying an external Bluetooth dongle and putting it on a USB extension then disabling the Bluetooth adapter built into the laptop in device manager and switching to the dongle full time.

Is it ugly? Yes. Does it work? Yes. YMMV.

Macbook is leak of ports iirc…

I did some searching, and beyond answers suggesting to check power saving options, I managed to find a thread where someone with a similar motherboard resolved the issue by checking the antenna connections and changing the placement of the antenna itself. So far, this seems to have resolved the issue, so fingers crossed!

Edit: Despite various attempts at fixes, plugging in cheap bluetooth receiver from Amazon has seemingly resolved the issue. Insane.

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I have another update! So, I was borrowing a friend’s bluetooth adapter, so I bought what I thought was the same one, but it actually ended up being a different one which arrived today. Plugging it in killed all bluetooth until I rebooted, which then resulted in poor connection…

So, I uninstaled all bluetooth devices under Device Manager, unplugged all dongles, and manually installed the motherboard’s BT+Wifi driver. Everything seems good now! I did try this before to no avail, but perhaps something went differently this time.

I heard that it causes coronavirus.

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