Blesta 4.7 Launches! (Stripe 3DSecure support, better DirectAdmin integration, etc)

Just got alerted on Discord about this :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you’re a BuyVM/BuyShared customer, you can get your free Blesta license at BuyVM - Free Blesta Licenses with your BuyVM VPS - Free WHMCS Alternative




To be honest I’m quite happy to see how far Blesta and Direct Admin and even Virtualizor have come. I remember when I opened threads about new Blesta or Virtualizor updates on LET a couple years ago, they’d be throwned upon, almost nobody was taking them seriously… It was always like “If you don’t have WHMCS or cPanel or SolusVM you’re not part of the game”, especially with established providers (not pointing any fingers just saying what it felt like back then). Now, I feel like the community has changed a bit for the better, at least at Hostballs. I feel like through cPanels pricing change and SolusVM ignorance of customer wishes people were one way or another confronted with the idea of having to compromise. Looking back I’m happy that I decided to give an “inferior” product (Blesta) a chance back then and bought a Lifetime Update&Support license. I wanted to do the same with DA a while back, but since I don’t really offer hosting anymore it became kinds irrelevant to me. ISPConfig+Keyhelp are great alternatives, too. Keep the good work up, guys :slight_smile: