Blacklist & Log Monitoring (Free beta) @ Nixstats

Nixstats now offers 2 new beta features. These will be free to use during beta.

Blacklist Monitoring
Keep track of your IP space reputation. Essential to any hosting provider that wants to know if their clients are sending spam, hosting malware…

This is a pretty straight forward feature. Just add your IP CIDR blocks, single IP’s or hostnames and set some contacts to receive alerts about new listings and delistings.

  • Add up to 8192 IP’s during free beta (let us know if you need more)
  • Checks performed every 12 hours
  • Checking a total of 135 blacklists

Log Monitoring
Logs are essential for debugging issues with your server. Manually going through log files can be hard and time consuming. Our logging features makes it easy to go through your log files using the search function. There’s also a live tail across either all your servers or a single server.

We use syslog, setup log forwarding to to get started.

  • Storing logging data for 14 days
  • Up to 10GB of logging data per day (let us know if you need more)
  • Create alerts based on the search function

You’ll find these new features on your Nixstats dashboard.

Live tail:



I hate this “it’s free while you help use improve the product, once done, you pay, but hey thanks for helping.”

Signed: free stuff horder

Log management is kind of a big deal, nicely done! I may want to try that out.

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Usually some nice kickbacks come out of it – i.e. discounted post-beta services, free beta tier, etc. etc. – so maybe he has something like this in mind. Either way, seems worth trying out :slight_smile:

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Yeah… but … I haven’t got my drama shot yet…
…the guy is not easily triggered I guess. :unamused:

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Thanks, yes log monitoring is something we’ve wanted for a long time. Setup is really easy
and requires no additonal software/agent since almost all distro’s come with rsyslog. It’s in beta now for a couple of weeks, we’ve processed 2,234,928,620 log messages and a little over 1TB of log data.

We will have discount for early adopters :slight_smile:

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