Black Friday 2018


Thanks for sharing the benchmark, and damn, that looks amazing. Well, here is what I’ve got from black friday this year.

------------------------------------------------- v2018.04.14 --
 benchmark timestamp:    2018-12-02 08:51:59 UTC

Processor:    Common KVM processor
CPU cores:    1
Frequency:    2599.998 MHz
RAM:          1.9G
Swap:         947M
Kernel:       Linux 4.15.0-39-generic x86_64

vda     20G  HDD

CPU: SHA256-hashing 500 MB
    4.244 seconds
CPU: bzip2-compressing 500 MB
    6.756 seconds
CPU: AES-encrypting 500 MB
    4.226 seconds

ioping: seek rate
    min/avg/max/mdev = 56.2 us / 108.0 us / 43.0 ms / 642.3 us
ioping: sequential read speed
    generated 22.9 k requests in 5.00 s, 5.58 GiB, 4.57 k iops, 1.12 GiB/s

dd: sequential write speed
    1st run:    450.13 MiB/s
    2nd run:    711.44 MiB/s
    3rd run:    716.21 MiB/s
    average:    625.93 MiB/s

IPv4 speedtests
    your IPv4:    144.172.68.xxxx

    Cachefly CDN:         73.64 MiB/s
    Leaseweb (NL):        3.77 MiB/s
    Softlayer DAL (US):   0.00 MiB/s (FR):      4.85 MiB/s
    OVH BHS (CA):         6.97 MiB/s


The plan is from Letbox. The read speed on these are insane, write speed is also not bad for NVMe, the network isnt so good though. Haven’t got the time to set up free 256gb block storage, but damn, these are good bang for the bucks for just $30/y. Will try impactVPS next time when I get the chance :slight_smile:


I grabbed a monthly from letbox also. Adding the storage disk is easy, I have not yet partitioned and mounted it though.


I guess I will do it soon enough. But now, what exactly am i going to do with that storage…


4 letters.




You ruined it.


I would not touch the HDD with SSD cache at InceptionHosting.
I/O turned bad and he did not really cared that much.

I guess NVMe/SSD is fine, but apparently he put to many KVM’s on the Node due to the price.


Got a ticket number?

Sequential IO is not cached, so you get rusty spinner speeds, it does what it says on the tin folks! you are not hitting the raid card cache either with your seqential IO in this setup which is probably what 95% of people are used to :slight_smile:

But I tend to agree, if you want fast storage, buy fast storage.

@tarasis again as I said on LET if you want to be switched to the NVMe nodes just pop a ticket in, it really is no problem.

For anyone that does not know this is my account here (AnthonySmith) I am not very active so best to use the ticket system or drop me an email directly inbox@ince…


The biggest issue was, the I/O spikes the KVM I had, someone else on the Node, was “abusing” the I/O and caused by I/O spikes.

Which made anything else unstable, but apparently it was not worth limiting the VM or maybe just the Node was sometimes overloaded I/O related.

I wanted to run metaDedi on it, but it became so unstable, that it was beyond usable at some point, so we switched. I did not bother asking for a refund.

I did contacted him about on LET i think, since I do not have a ticket number.


Him is me and I have no record of that nor do I remember it, either way, what is done is done, the IO really is not that bad for spinners, the cache ignores junk tests and is aligned for optimal read performance.

I am aware of one issue earlier in the year that took some time to track down one of the SSD’s in the cachecade had died without being marked as dead, that has since been fixed.

Maybe this is what was impacting you:

Just a guess.

Anyway, it is what it is, happy to help anyone via the actual support system and the offer still stands to move anyone to NVMe with a like for like value package.