Bitrix24 100GB Free Storage (Monthly Login Required)

So according to MyDealz you can use code “PCWELT100GB19” on to sign up for 100GB free Cloud storage. It takes approx 1 hour for the storage to be shown in your account. You need to log in each 4-5 weeks (no need to dl file or anything) to avoid deletion due to inactivity. Apparently there is a Windows script on Github to do this (you could probably easily do your own on Python).


@Falzo DSGVO [✓], Hosted in Germany [✓]

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I accidentally signed up without entering the code :frowning:
Anyone knows how to delete and re-create the account or enter the promo code after signing up?

In the article from pcgames it says the promo is only valid for new bitrix24.DE accounts.

fürs Gästeklo mal mitgenommen… :joy:


Actually, I went to upgrade tariff and entered the coupon code, and that did the trick for me :slight_smile:


Berichte mal obs klappt bzw. die Speeds. Bin noch paar Tage im Urlaub. Danach hole ich es mir vlt^^

Good to know :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoy mate^^

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A little obvious but I’ll ask anyway: this is for the .de site only, correct?

Yes (afaik).

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used a google account to signup/login and filled in the code. worked without problems, I can see 105GB for the ‘drive’

need to think of a use-case and what to connect before I can give feedback on the speeds. amazon in FRA should not be the bottleneck anyway :wink:

the UI/UX is one of the worst I’ve ever seen…

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U can map it as a network drive. Should be easy enough for some dumping :smiley: I’m currently hitting my 15GB free Gdrive limit and switching between accs is a bit a pita so… let’s see how this works :smiley:

The filesize limit seems to be 2GB(curl/webdav upload) . Bust out the winrar.
Or maybe a backup of borg repos.

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hallo deutschland