BillingServ 2.0 - a Fresher, More Stable Billing System Has Now Launched

What seems to be a long time coming (4 years) yeah no joking, we are excited to announce we’ve released BillingServ v2.0. You can use our Demo to take it for a spin.

A lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into this version. While we are still upgrading some of our integrations, the main platform is ready to go. Anyone who is on our first version will be able to import all their data.

We now have regions that we like to call “pods” which you can select in your BaseServ ID Account. This is where your data resides. We currently have the US and EU pods. Asia will be coming online in Q1.

These pods allow us to control and maintain data easier, meaning if you are an EU company you don’t have to worry about GDPR as your data resides in the EU. To begin with, we have 6 PoPs, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, New York, Los Angeles, and finally Miami. Having these PoPs allows us to automatically failover in the event of server/network failure. All data is synced in their respective pods. We’ve also deployed our own GeoDNS system, which will always redirect you to your nearest PoP.

Our WHMCS/Blesta import tool is nearly complete, we are just finishing off our Blesta tool and then it will be live.

BillingServ at a glance:
• Fully Hosted with 100% uptime with failover.
• Fully PCI Compliant.
• ISO 27001 Compliance.
• Web Hosting Integrations (DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, Proxmox, Virtualizor, and more).
• Digital Downloads, Sell Services via our package’s manager.
• Nothing to install, setup or maintain
• We take care of all the security and patches so you don’t have to.


U: Demo_Admin
P: Demo123%

Any questions, feedback, or ideas please let me know.

Thanks all.



I’m not around these parts much but I do catch up every once in a while, so it’s a first time I’ve ever heard of BillingServ. This post caught my eyes but I have a question and a comment.

Question: What is BillingServ? From the website and looking at it, it seems like a drop-in replacement for WHMCS/Blesta/Etc. What are it’s unique points and what makes BillingServ stand out from solutions that are already present in the market?

Comment: On the About Us page, I read through “Our Story” section. It’s nice, but I find a certain phrase mildly alarming. I understand the intention/story and I like it, but I’d suggest workshopping the phrasing of “he decided that he had enough” (and again). As a hosted business-critical application, I want something like this to be as stable as rock. The fact that twice (from my first read of it) you decided to quit on something and abruptly change (again, my interpretation of the writing, so others may disagree) doesn’t instill confidence in me that maybe someday this will abruptly change and no longer be supported. This hits especially harder when I don’t have control over my own data/servers and I can’t self-host this. It makes me lean more towards “this is great, but I don’t know where this will go in the future so I’m hesitant on adopting it.” Maybe adjusting the wording to something more like “Jord recognized a massive pain point in the hosting world and shifted his attention to that” or something like that.

Also your “Find out more about BillingServ’s features here.” doesn’t have a link so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just my two cents. Congratulations on version 2.0! Must have been very difficult and time-consuming process to get this far! I wish you the best of luck.


Hey there,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your feedback,

BillingServ is an invoicing/billing system that is catered towards digital business and usually meant to be the backbone for any form of e-commerce. But we are expanding this further. To encompass full eCommerce, mPOS, ePOS, and full accounting/tax. We are always gathering feedback from our current and prospective users to improve our system and make it more versatile.

Thank you for this, I’ve spoken with our team and we’ve rewritten this part to make it sound better, I didn’t want to convey that at all. So I thank you for bringing that to my attention.

This has also been fixed, I missed this when I was going through the site, thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, means a lot :slight_smile: