BGP communities you'd want with your BGP powered VPS?

Hello everyone,

With 2FA and ISO uploading now rolled out into Stallion I’ll be focusing on our next big addon: BGP sessions. This will allow you to announce your IP space (or if you don’t have any, do load balancing via ECMP of your slice instances).

The big thing I’m wanting to know is what BGP communities would you want access to? The main ones I see so far would be:

  • Control which upstream your route goes out of (be it a full allow/deny, or prepends)
  • Informational communities to know which upstream it was learned from
  • Blackholing an IP address

Do you see a need to prepend against users within the location? So, other customers?

Once we got the communities and such worked out we figure we can get this built out in a couple weeks, depending on how busy I get with the New York upgrades.




Flying is cheaper right now, I wonder why, maybe a new location? Ryzen/block storage at AMS?

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You mean LUX?

Main issue with LUX is finding someone to buy all the E3’s :wink:

NY’s going to happen in the next 30 days or so. Block storage included.



I’d absolutely love AMS, though… :eyes:
All in all, what’s keeping me from getting more machines in LUX is waiting for either storage or Ryzen :smiley:

Let me know what you want for the E3 boxes, could be interesting depending on the price

When will you be selling?

Honestly, if I could find someone that wants to take everything (since the admin costs to pack single nodes is going to cost a fortune) then I’d likely arrange it to happen in 30 - 45 days.


How many are there?

I not have any idea about BGP and what is it used for, but new features are always welcome! :smiley:

Honestly i know also nothing about BGP but from the tiny things i heard about it it’s basiclly how you route the packets if i am right, and the pricing depends on where you pass or something like that? Or am i totally off?

What would it be useful in it looks really intressting trought.