Beta Testers Wanted (200+) Free NAT VM


I am looking for some volunteers to test a new ovz control panel. (Test will last no longer than 30 days)

I just picked up a cheap Hetzner, Helsinki box and decided this was the perfect time to test.
I could care less about server performance I just want to see how well the control panel holds up.

When ordering you can access the server using,
Public IP:
You can find your ports using the calculator, Here (Disregard location and IP)

20 GB Storage Space
Unmetered Bandwidth (Don’t be a Dick)
1000 Mbps
1 NAT IPv4 w/ 20 ports
1 IPv6
OpenVZ Virtualization
Integrated Control panel
Free - Order Now!


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This is a nice touch. Haven’t seen any other NAT providers doing this before besides the whole lengthy email that has examples of what your port range is. Nice work!

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Think something is up with my VM. Try to boot and the status changes to “mounted”, then goes back to “stopped”. Tried reinstalling the OS, but still seeing the issue. Not sure if others are experiencing the same thing, anyone?

Let me know if you’d rather me open a ticket or pick this up via email.

Same here, thought I was just being a potato so I left it for later.

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Thanks! I was always bombarded with questions about ports, so I thought that would be a simple way to show people.

@Mason @Aidan
Should be up an running now.


Up and running just fine, @Cam :slight_smile:

I even have access to all 8 cores!

Time to start mining before Cam notices :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: and 200 gigs of space? How generous!


Haha, Still have some issues on my end that I need to workout =D

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Yes, this is a sentence.

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Update: Paused new orders to work on auto provisioning issues.