Best multiple server monitoring system out there? (OpenSource)


I am searching for a good way to have a public page for my server monitoring currently I am using this I am happy with it but I need to work on it and every time I add a server it’s a mess to do.

I wonder what are the best tools our there.

I know NetData, HetrixTools.
But Hetrix is not open source and NetData you can’t make multiple page server clustering except if you use the API.

So what do you guys use.

I also remember I saw a UK provider that had also a public status page with the bandwidth it was touching like 5 tbps outgoing. And i founded it a really good idea to have a live view.

Have a look here :

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Very intressting, i know in my current enterprise we use Splunk and Zabbix i hesitate for zabbix again now…

But idk if it supports a public page.

Depends on what you need it to do.
HetrixTools is a very nice and easy to use product.

You could just run a public Grafana instance (with e.g. Prometheus or Graphite or Influxdb) backend.

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Yeah i am currently using Hetrix tools and i love to use grafana too sadly grafana for big quieries is pretty slow.
Like here :

And the graph are a bit laggy sometimes. I know that there is also google data stuido wich is really nice.

So i wonder if i do a Zabbix monitoring with a google data studio dash.

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I enjoy my hetrixtool and I keep on falling in love with, every day a little more! @Andrei is prem!

Take a look at pinguzo as well :slight_smile:

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