Best disk partition schema for Proxmox?

What partitions and filesystem should I use to install Debian, and then Proxmox on top of it?

Disk size is 512GB SSD in RAID1 and RAM 32GB. I want to be able to take snapshosts and backups.

I appreciate your help, as always. :grin:

I think I made this question before but can’t find the answer

@Falzo any help?

hmm… depends :wink:

I’d say there is not much to be recommended, rather do whatever you prefer… I’d usually go with 1G ext3 for /boot, 32G swap, everything else will be / as ext4 with relatime,discard.

as you probably are aware proxmox uses /var/lib/vz as main storage point, however with just 512GB, I would not neccessarily separate that already.

your VMs will reside on that as diskimages, with virtio-scsi and trim you can keep them sparse and always take backups via the control panel anyway. at least good enough for me…

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