Backing up SaaS "Cloud" Services

As more of my customers / friends / family move over to Office 365 / Gapps / etc, one thing they keep coming back to is how do I back it up. I am still at a bit of a loss, I haven’t found a product I like (or is affordable) to backup, say, Exchange Online and Onedrive. Any packages / scripts you good people can recommend…

Well if you’ve got e.g. Gdrive installed on your PC you can backup that Gdrive folder with any backup program.

should do a good job at syncing the files from many of these services to a machine from where you can use the backup solution of your choice


+1 to rclone. Will have to write a script to do the sync between your remotes, but it’ll do the job nicely

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imapsync perhaps, for outlook 365 accounts?

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I’ve been searching for a similar solution for Gmail.

I saw a neat app for Qnap NAS’s where you have you can schedule backups jobs and view individual backed up messages.

I was looking for a similar self-hosted solution.

You can try and use a desktop client to download the messages and then backup the local folder, but the restore process is very messy on PCs.

I’m not a big Apple fan but I need to give them a thumbs up on this aspect. MacOS has a nice integration with TimeMachine that allows you to access TimeMachine from within their AppMail, visualise the backed up messages and easily restore them.

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I’m glad I hadn’t missed anything really obvious. I’ll just write some scripts for email and use rclone. I am a little surprised there isn’t a home user “commercial” offering out there yet.

Thanks all!

Just seen Veeam do a product that’s free for up to 10 users. Going to have a quick play with that too.

Cloudberry has some interesting offerings, and less expensive than some competitors. Still all cloud based and subscription though. Unitrends has something also but I haven’t researched it much. I am in search of something reasonable to back up my company’s O365, including Onedrive and Sharepoint. Everything I have found is pretty pricey.

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Speaking of Cloudberry – I received a free license key for Backup for Linux Standard Edition a couple years back during a giveaway they had. I don’t ever plan on using it, so if someone wants it, let me know.



Imap sync is not that great for syncing.
The developer suggest offlineimap or mbsync.

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Thank you. I’ll have a look at those two. But I guess those are for syncing and I’m looking something for backup. And preferably something I can easily visualise and recover old / deleted / archived emails.