Backblaze 2018 Hard Drive Stats

I always find these stats interesting when they are posted :slight_smile:

HGST always seem to take the cake compared to the other branded drives.


I always thought that WD had better durability than Seagate… Interesting

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WD has started using HGST designs for some of their drives, including many of the “Gold” data center drives (formerly RE). I imagine that WD’s reliability will significantly improve as a result.


The last HGST I bought was and it was super loud. Had to return it. Have had no issues with HGST before that though. Though I did read that some of their drives are very loud. I just could not deal with it.


I purchased a couple refurb 3TB HGST Ultrastars a couple years ago and they’re still going strong. I did notice that they were noisier compared to other drives I own, but just figured it came with the “enterprise drive” territory. They are stuck in a home server anyhow, so the extra noise isn’t noticeable over the hum of the chasis fans. I could see how it would be an issue for towers / non-server equipment, though.

Yeah, it was really loud in a completely quiet PC. None of my other HGST have the issue.


I have retired several old HGST (IBM or Hitachi branded) drives that have well over 80,000 hours on them and are still running strong. Most of them have zero reallocated sectors, or maybe one or two. Pretty incredible reliability on those drives.

Some of the Toshiba designs are also derivatives of the HGST designs (since Toshiba acquired the parts of Hitachi that WD had to divest), so many of those models have been rock solid as well.