AX61-NVMe in finland (transfer)


I needed to switch my server to Germany for ping reasons. Is someone interested that I transfer this AX61-NVMe in HEL?

I think for 10 bucks it can totally do it.

The SSD’s are nearly new (2tb read and a few 100 gb’s write if I remember well).
I have an /29 with it but I can cancel it depending on your needs. I am still migrating the data from it but I need to have it done before the 12th so the 11th I can transfer it.
Is someone intressted?

(The ip don’t have a bad reputation from what i know i used it for gaming servers, vms (only lab), and one plesk website)

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What’s the renewal cost?

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Let me check that after eating but it’s the price of the ax61 in Finland and the additional ips but I can still cancel them in time I think.

I think it’s around €100/m from the UK.

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89 + 6,7227 euro excl VAT. That’s what I got on my last bill so yes exactly really around it.

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If I don’t get any reply tomorrow it will be too late. :+1: Just don’t want to stress me out for a transfer.

The machine is taken :grinning:

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