AWS Simple Email Service


I am using SES for a number of servers just for cron emails and the like, the odd bit of other email. I have a problematic server and the lack of logs is absolutely doing my head in now, soooo couple of questions.

  1. Is there any way to get detailed SMTP logs from SES, I can’t see any way of doing this and I have done some googling and everything.

  2. Should I just setup a postfix VPS that takes emails from all these servers and just forwards them to SES so I get some information / logs, quite a lot of work to reconfigure the servers, but ultimately more control / logs / configurable.

  3. Change my relay to use something totally different, I went to SES after went away so it was a bit of an impulse move.


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Answer to your first question:

You can configure SES to log and report any activity it does (bounces, complaints, deliveries) with full info for each email, to your SNS topics:

A SNS topic can notify your platform via https json requests, or send you emails, etc. This would happen every time something new is posted onto a SNS topic, ie: every time your SES sends an email, gets a bounce, or gets a complaint.

Hope this helps.


Yep, works wonders. As usual with AWS, you have to do quite a bit of manual configuration but that’s what you get by using their platform.

I believe that CloudWatch Logs have logs for SES but I would need to double check on that.

Alternatively, I pay for G Suite and so use the Gmail SMTP relay for many things.

Office 365 (the business version) also offers an email relay, although I haven’t tested it with my subscription.

I’ve tried cloudwatch and that seems to be all about the graphs.

SNS is interesting, but I’m not sure I can craft it too give me the info I need.

I’m trying to see if the email is even making it to SES, the application sending the email sends the test fine, so I’m at a bit of a loss.

I’m much happier in postfix land but SES has proved brilliant for actually sending email.

Sorry, I thought of the wrong Cloud* service…I meant CloudTrail Logs.

I can get you a MailChannels relay soon if you wish! :slight_smile:

No thanks I’m done with mailchannels. I don’t want to reconfigure my servers every time they change their mind on pricing.

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I see your point. Things have been good over there though!!! :grin:

Yeah they were, but I run most of my servers for fun, so can’t justify the time or price increase


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Ominous foreboding by a new member… @Jarland’s been drinking again :stuck_out_tongue:

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