Automatic Backups & Snapshots now available on BuyVM Las Vegas Slices!

Hello Everyone!

Mass email going out to everyone so I figured I’d drop it here first.


We’re pleased to announce the availability of both Automatic Backups as well as Snapshots for our KVM Slice product line in our Las Vegas facility!

Automatic Backups are taken every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at midnight PST. We keep a total of 6 backups active, meaning you have around 2 weeks of restore points to work from. Automatic Backups are priced at 10% of your base KVM Slice plan, exceptions for the 512MB & 1GB plans which are a flat $0.50/month. As an example, a user on a 4GB KVM Slice that costs $15.00/month would be paying just $1.50/month for the peace of mind of automatic backups. An 8GB $30.00/month Slice would be just $3.00/month.

If you’re wishing to enroll in Automatic Backups you can log in to, pick the service in question, click “Upgrade/Downgrade Options”, and pick “Yes” for “Automatic Backups”.

We also include 5 free Snapshots with every account to allow users to make their own instant backups at any time. This is great if you’re wanting to do a large software update but aren’t sure if it’ll burst into flames (Trademark Frantech Solutions 2020). Fear not, if it does burst into flames you can issue a restore and be rolled back to where you were. Snapshots also provide a great way to create your own templates in the off chance you need many virtual servers all running the same software configuration.

Snapshots are currently region locked and can only be restored within the location they were created in. In time we may look to set up some sort of global syncing, but with this only available in Las Vegas at the moment, this is low priority.

Both Backups and Snapshots are taken while your virtual server is live, meaning there’s no downtime or pausing while the backup is taken. This is extremely important and useful for busy database servers where you’d need to schedule downtime so mysqldump can lock your tables from changes.

We thank you for your patronage over the years!



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