AutoKlose Promo

Hey guys, I know you’re not the most enthusiastic crowd with email outreach, but AutoKlose is a great tool. (that I don’t use :joy:)
They are now running a 60% discount on their plan that includes 150 million contacts.

This is not a newsletter service

Here’s the full detail:
• 150M database all B2B contacts, all United States.
• 40% direct dials (mobile and extensions); 60% office/extensions.
• 100% B2B-personal emails (no hello, yahoos, gmails…).
• Annual 60% OFF!
• with one-month on me as a personal thank you note = 13 months.
• and you are grandfathered-in!

Update: The discount is now 60%. I guess I should have waited for the last email of their campaign to post hahaha.