Aurora Files

It seems AfterLogic have released what looks to be a bit of a Own/NextCloud clone and I never knew:

But now it seems also have an angle, that being file encryption. Figure you all might like this and might be like me in having never heard of it. I’ll give it a shot.

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Paranoid Encryption
A strong AES-256 browser-to-browser encryption. File content is transmitted to the server in encrypted form only while encryption keys are never transmitted to the server at all. Thus, even if the entire data from the server was stolen, your encrypted data is still safe: any data on the server cannot help decrypt encrypted files without the keys.

Couple of seriously professional “clients” as well, worth looking into - thanks!

Can it be configured to work with cloud services other than Google Drive for example SpiderOak One?

Arq backup?

I’m interested…

Seems like it does work to some degree with Dropbox and Google Drive. I’m not sure if it encrypts data and sends there or just acts like a mount for easy access. Worth a shot :smiley:

Looks like typical application in early build stage. Just core features and nothing else. Nothing special. I’m not really interested as of right now. Let’s see how the development goes over time.

Tbh though I feel like that kind of describes AfterLogic as a whole :wink:

That said, it has mobile apps with sync, built in Dav, encryption. I’m pretty sure that’s a fairly complete product. Assuming it works.

This is interesting, might give it a shot as well, tho we use GDrive and do all stuff there. <.<