(Auction) GuideVPS (.d0t.) com | VPS Tutorial site

About the domain

Guide is a high-value keyword and VPS means Virtual Private Server. If you’re planning to start a tutorial/article site to generate passive income via web host affiliates then GuideVPS will be the most suitable name as it directly resonates with what you’ll be posting on the site

It’s a pretty straight forward name and you can rank well for keywords like “Install ____ on VPS guide”, etc. Your imagination is the limit for use of the domain.

Its a small 8 letter domain name and made up of one word and an acronym.

Starting Bid: $2
Bid Increment: $2
BIN: Not yet set, PM to negotiate

Auction ends: 72 hours after last bid

The domain can be pushed to your Dynadot account or I can hand over the EPP/Auth Code for transfer.

Payment methods: Paypal, cryptocurrencies, etc.
I may happen to use DAN.com as an escrow if I feel like. (for buyer & seller’s protection)

I’ll start I guess, $2

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$4 #stickers

Bidding $6

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Highest bid is $6 by @lentro

Thanks for bidding :smiley:


@BlaZe Have I won yet? :slight_smile:

Yep! you have won!

I’ll message you now

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