Are there any free vps?

Just like title

Who can give me a link for that?

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You might check the recent thread ** A List of Free VPSs** on Lowendtalk.
Or try applying for a NanoKVM, you’ll need to provide a good justification why you want to get a VM and for what you wanna use it.


Google Cloud gives you $300 worth of credits for free upon signup (for use within 12 months). Additionally, I believe they have a free tier that’s pretty decent.

Oracle Cloud also has a free tier, though I don’t have any personal experience with it.


Nanokvm doesn’t applied my request


Would you like to share the why you want to get a VPS and what you intend to use it for?


You can try euserv rootserver vs2-free


I have it but it’s performance so slowly

You can see from my server status page: (Last one)

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Oracle cloud is really the only one that’s worth looking at.


Oracle Cloud provides 2 free VM with
1 vCPU
1024 MB RAM
20 GB Storage
ipv4 ip

Register at >


Not free but @Cam (and maybe @mikho) sometimes have $1-2/year deals on their VPSes. They’re IPv6-primary services though, with a shared (NAT) IPv4 address.


I am a bit surprised that no one mentioned AWS. :slight_smile:

They offer 12-months free tier for new AWS customers.

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I’ve unsuccessfully tried signing up for Oracle’s free tier numerous times. I was able to speak to one of their support people and they told me that I was not allowed to make an account and then wouldn’t provide any information to me as to why stating that it was “company policy”. E-mails to their support go in a black hole in space… Has anyone had any success with getting Oracle’s free tier to work?

Yes, I got it without any issues

I also tried Oracle free tier before and I must say, its good and support is pretty excellent in comparison to other Cloud providers!

hello! Is there any free vps provider in 2022?

Oracle offers a free vps

Not really beyond free trials.

They have the always free tier.

There are free linux shells (no root access), if that’s what you’re looking for.
The classic shells are just call that — shells (shell access), but there are also so-called tilde-servers. Tilde is not a type of an access or something, it’s just the name of original server, created by Paul Ford in 2014. Read the story of its creation.

More here:

I want to apply for a free server

I was wondering if I had a friend who could help me
You can recommend me