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Hi, can anyone help me? I need an apple enterprise developer to sign my app, I can only pay with usdt, this is a privacy act between us guaranteed.

Too risky for me as my account is too important, but there are services that do this:

Thank you for reading my needs carefully and giving me recommended information, but this is not the installation method I need, I need enterprise developers to sign APP applications, and I can distribute my applications, I will not abuse you account, you can revoke it at any time, I am happy to pay for it, this is what I should do, does Apple Enterprise Developer have any business willing to sell it? I have been looking to buy an account that is not used in your country.

I’m taking the liberty of having been using translation software as I don’t know a second language, I hope you’ll give it some thought, I’ve been asking for your answers.

This alternative distribution method that you describe is not possible. If you have software that you want to distribute broadly on iOS. You need to publish it on the App Store.

Apple enterprise developers can do it, but individual and company developers cannot distribute and can only add Apple mobile udid, thank you for your reminder.

Because the app is suspected of gambling, local laws do not support it, so seek help abroad.

You’re not going to get what you want here or anywhere else.

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