Aonap 75% OFF - Managed UK Hosting - Free cPanel License

Aonap 75% OFF - Managed UK Hosting - Free cPanel License


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. This offer still stands.

We are offering exclusive to HostedTalk users 75% OFF our Managed Hosting collection:

We are also providing you with FREE cPanel Licenses on our cloud infrastructure (yearly subscription):

Payment Method

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit/Debit Card

Promo Voucher: HT-MF1OS0PYD9

Note that prices are excluding VAT at 20%. New orders are manually screened before deployment.

Aonap Hosting had been created by the founding team; the company had been created by pure annoyance of the current status quo of the hosting industry and the need to charge things up by making hosting smart, simple and secure. Aonap partners with a North London and Wolverhampton Data Centre, securing their very own privately and owned rooms within these state of the art facilities. As a company we are excited about releasing new products and securing newly state of the art data centres to expand our location portfolio.

Continue to stay safe and together we shall beat this!

Best, Aonap Team

Thanks for sharing!

Mind explaining those savings?

£2.99 - £0.79 = £2.20 savings.

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Thanks for noticing. I had drafted that without any coffee in the tank. Embarrassing!

It happens, thanks for correcting it :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I gave these guy another shot. Couldn’t order the last promo.
And now…This:

Another offer I can’t order. That’s amusing.

When you place the order we will amend. We’re still working our our API system - apologies.


We checked on various devices but this issue is not showing. Please can you try clearing your cache?

Happy to jump on a call/live chat if you need further assistance :slight_smile:


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