Aonap 75% OFF - Managed UK Hosting - Free cPanel License

Aonap 75% OFF - Managed UK Hosting - Free cPanel License


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

We are offering exclusive to HostedTalk users 75% OFF our Managed Hosting collection:

We are also providing you with FREE cPanel Licenses on our cloud infrastructure (yearly subscription):

Payment Method

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit/Debit Card

Promo Voucher: HT-MF1OS0PYD9

Note that prices are excluding VAT at 20%. New orders are manually screened before deployment.

Aonap Hosting had been created by the founding team; the company had been created by pure annoyance of the current status quo of the hosting industry and the need to charge things up by making hosting smart, simple and secure. Aonap partners with a North London and Wolverhampton Data Centre, securing their very own privately and owned rooms within these state of the art facilities. As a company we are excited about releasing new products and securing newly state of the art data centres to expand our location portfolio.

Continue to stay safe and together we shall beat this!

Best, Aonap Team

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What’s up boss, must be old eyes, code didn’t work for the managed cloud


Same here, but also it’s asking for my SSN and security questions but there’s not spot on the form for that info.

Shouldn’t the page state that the price is ex-VAT, even if it’s down in the footer?

Thank you for noticing this issue; we’re currently working to getting our API server sorted it will be fixed later today. In the meantime do drop us a message via the contact page to open an account manually. Thank you for your patience and apologies once again.

We’re currently having issues with our API server, it is currently being investigated apologies for the delay. Please may I ask that you contact us via LiveChat/Phone to open your account to get that order secured. Thank you so much and apologies.

Thank you for the feedback; this has already been implemented and it will be in our next website release.

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We’re currently having issues with the upgrade of our database. We’re on it.

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Still down tho. PM me if you need help.

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And the name still so close to OnApp.

The promo code is showing 0.0% recurring discount for managed cloud.

Our developer has fixed the issues, back in operation. Thanks for standing by, in future do follow our status twitter handle :wink:

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When you place the order, it will be amended. So long as you mention this post/amazing community you are all good.

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Another question: What are the specs of the managed cloud? The specifications page shows 40GB RAM / 50GB storage but that seems a bit unrealistic for £4/month :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely agree! That’s another job for Sam to get going. Thanks for noticing that. It should say the node specs are with 40GB RAM and 8TB SSD Raid 10.

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So what is the specification of the VPS itself?

The base price is £14.95 with 2GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1CPU. Hope this helps, come over to our LiveChat or call us.

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Gotcha. Thank you.

Is that the regular price or the 75% off price?