Anyone Used

Just noticed on tld-list having the cheapest renewal .com domains, and only $6.95 on registration.

I’ve never used them or even heard of them, any baller with some experience with them?

Site looks clean. decent pricing. Haven’t used them… Saw this - is that for like… domain sniping?

Basically yes

Good thing about using them is that you instantly become savvy :wink:

Cheap, but everyone does Backordering these days, even Porkbun.
Just GoDaddy, is likely just take over your domain and sell it for fixed $$$ or even $$$$.

Porkbun also supports it? Why have I never heard about that before. I’ll use them from now for this purpose. Weew.
Was previously using a service which was charging $$ for it :frowning:

With regards to backordering, it’s hard to beat DropCatch these days.

If your domain is expired, you get a few emails also mentioning it would be made available to the aftermarket aka backodering.

Its not as worse as these bastards at GoDaddy, if your domain was active, they just buy it out from the aftermarket and sell it for $$$ or even $$$$+

Shit I had lost some good domains :sweat_smile:

I moved a couple of domains to them when I realized that I had almost everything registered at Porkbun. No hiccups in the process and support answered my ticket fairly quickly considering the timezone difference.