Anyone involved in crypto trading?

I know most people here probably hate crypto currencies and don’t believe in them cough @WSS cough but I personally have made big profit from investing in Ethereum back at the start of 2017 when it was $6 a coin.

Has anyone here made some hefty profits from crypto or even losses?

Got a decent return on the XRP I bought at <$0.20 :slight_smile:

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I regret, but in the same time, I wouldn’t know it would be so profitable. Should have invested like 100 bucks…

<ObWSS>Nah. I’ve been digging at your mom for years and never got anything useful out of it.</ObWSS>

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Someone payed me $18 worth of bitcoin 2 1/2 years ago for a yearly VPS plan. It was before I switched to stripe for bitcoin, which instantly changes to USD to bank, so that one payment was just sitting in my coinbase. I checked the value of it end of last year and cashed out at $844. Bought a Typhoon H Pro Drone. Currently sitting on some Electroneum to see what it does in the long term.


Same. Hopefully, it’ll grow

Someone paid me 2 BTC for some work in 2015 (worth $500 at the time), pretty decent return… if I hadn’t sold it at $1k. Hindsight is 20/20, should’ve bought & held more, lol.


Not to be a huge shitpost in this thread (after this one I’ll leave, for my own sanity)- but it’s only worth what you can get someone to pay.

Looking at your rates, that $800 Chevy in the back yard is looking pretty fuckin’ good.

I have a general interest in cryptocurrency but don’t hold alot due to the Australian Government and Banks being bastards and Fu*king us over on profits.

But for anyone interested a run a small crypto site that displays market data (any feature requests would be appreciated)

I had some BTC and ETH, which I had converted to 1.3k XRP when it used to be ~$1.80, and now after the crash it seems to be at ~$1.20, so I’m still at a somewhat loss, but I hardly ever check up on the exchange value (last time I had checked it was at ~$0.80, so I see it is picking up again).

I don’t actively care about crypto trading, it was a one time thing, sort of like “hey, if in 5 years it’ll be 1000x times what I paid for it, that’ll be great, but if it all goes crashing down, I’ll be fine with that as well”.

Despite what anyone may tell you, crypto exchange is extremely volatile and you should never put more money into it than what you’re willing to lose.

I like to mine whatever is the most profitable for the week, and then sell it for whatever I can get at that moment. It’s not rocket surgery but I seem to be in front…

Been in crypto since 2010.

Now I moved to other shitcoins rather than sticking to only BTC.

Yep, it’d be stupid these days to just sit in BTC. A lot of money to be made in alt coins.

Is this the same Max that told me to invest in ETH about a year ago? If so, thank you. Seriously, thank you.

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Yep, it’s me :slight_smile:

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I am (month-) trading on many platforms (not arbitrating). I’ll ride this wave till it’s dry.

I’ve been having good luck with ETN recently.

I’ve been playing around with cryptocurrencies in general since 2010 or so. I sold most of my BTC at $11 and $73 (we’re taking ATHs, years ago), made a bit of money from a few coins I had laying around here and there with recent peaks, but nothing special. Made the most recent profit from Ethereum, no longer have any though.

Almost all of my crypto investment and interest is in Nano now, since November. I’m only really interested in the success of cryptocurrencies rather than the monetary gain to be had, and I think Nano has what it takes. Bitcoin is (and has been) dead in that aspect.

Not really hard to get lucky these days especially when BTC is back to being bullish again. This is as good as free money gets :slight_smile:

Tried my hand at it for kicks. I’ve wasted money on dumber things. But honestly, it’s forex trading on a smaller scale. Not worth it unless it’s your lifestyle.