Anyone interested to takeover Hetzner EX42-NVMe - HEL1-DC2?

Anyone wants to takeover EX42-NVMe in Helsinki DC2 (currently out of stock)? Use token below for transfer, invoiced until 3/10/2019, yours for free (I am not asking for any fee).

Token: 34975-FPQXhdghFaSc7tB7

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Still available? What price is it as I’ve seen them at 2 different prices?

was also interested, but spent time figuring out how, and still have no idea how the transfer works (i was assuming with the token you could just enter it, but didnt find anywherem and googling just find that its possible to create the token…)

but tom was before me

  • The current owner of the server goes onto the Servers overview page on Robot, selects the server in question, then clicks onto the transfer tab to generate the token.
  • The new owner goes into the Robot panel and clicks the Server Transfers button, then the Start server transfer button which will ask for the generated token and whether or not they want to accept or deny the transfer.
  • Assuming that the new owner accepted it, the current owner can then go back to the transfer tab of the server under the overview page, where they’ll be given a choice to approve or deny the transfer receipt from the new owner.
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Server has been transferred to a new owner.

Knew I should have just gone for it instead of asking questions lol

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