[AnyDomain.email] Email Hosting - 10gb $24/year (MXroute reseller)

Fall is here, or is it? It was 73 degrees outside today, when usually it wouldn’t even be in the 50’s.

To celebrate Fall this year I am going to present to you a special offer for email hosting.

No, not just any email hosting. I am a reseller of MXroute, so this is amazing email hosting!

At an amazing price through the end of the season - just $24 per year recurring. Additional discounts if paid for 2 or 3 years in advance.

Order here: AnyDomain.email - Fall 2023 Special 10gb $24/year offer

In case you are not familiar with MXroute, they take the pain of deliverability off the table by offering a low cost, highly deliverable email service. You can create an unlimited number of email users on an unlimited number of domains – limited only by the amount of storage space you have.

Just a few terms to mention:

  • Absolutely no spam, or marketing email of any kind allowed.
  • A limit of 300 outbound emails per hour.
  • You MUST use our SPF record in DNS. **

Additionally the Server Abuse, Valid DNS Records, Forbidden Services, Intended for Human Consumption, Spoofing Senders, Sending Limits, Spam Reports, and Damaging IP Reputation sections of the MXroute Terms of Service apply by reference.

** Our SPF record, or include statement must be present if you use multiple providers to send emails.

Offer good through: December 21, 2023

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