Any want to take over a php friends special 2019 10gb ram 40gb ssd?

It’s from this thread

Not sure why the direct link was removed but it was 10gb ram 40gb ssd. only 2tb premium and 10mb unlimited afterwards. Only 3 month contract. if you ask them to remove vat it’s only around 5.04 euro or $6 a month.

If you are an existing customer you can verify the plan. You can also be a new customer by creating one at Kasse | Kasse | PHP-Friends. I have to get rid of this asap because they only have paypal and eu bank transfer.

I no longer will use paypal so even though I PAID, it’s annoying. The billing is the 9th of March so if you want to cancel make sure you cancel 2 weeks before hand but verify beforehand. I will pay you $6 in zelle or amazon gift card to cover the missing period. Let me know if interested.