Any Recommendations for Cheap VPS/VPN in Ireland?


I need to help a friend with some course bits, so I need a really cheap VPS / VPN in Ireland, so I have an Irish IP address.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a service in Ireland? Most of the VPS’s I looked at seemed really expensive (compared to the crazy expectations set by here & LET)


The bandwidth in Ireland is very expensive. This location can be considered exotic because of bandwidth price.



Cheers, looking into that now.


That explains it, I was shocked at some of the prices. Thank you.


Ireland was AWS’s first European location.
No issues with it.


I think OVH still have VPSes available in Ireland.


OVH doesn’t have Ireland to the best of my knowledge



VPNUnlimited, Windscribe Pro and NordVPN do offer Ireland location. Depending on how long you need it NordVPN has a 3 day trial. How long would you need it?


Pretty sure nord is 7 days


7 days if you pay and change your mind, 3 days without entering any payment details etc (iirc)

EDIT: Seems like they removed the 3 day trial (can’t find it). Now you have to enter payment details and need to remember to cancel within 7 days^^


Any update @tarasis? :slight_smile: