Any other HiFormance customers here?

Just got the newest email and was wondering if anyone took the 3 year deal and if they double all specs on the VM?

I have a LA ovz yearly with them. It’s decent for the most part. Support is quick to respond. Gave up trying to get IPv6 – first attempt the block I was assigned wasn’t being routed, second attempt worked but eventually completely disappeared after a week or so, didn’t try again after that. Performance was degrading fast on the node I was initially on (could hardly ssh in, let alone do anything that needed the tiniest sliver of CPU time) so I requested to be moved to a different node a week ago. They moved me the same day and has been working good since, but I think it’s just a matter of time before I’m in the same degraded position as before.

I get the feeling that they overload customers onto servers until they get a bunch of complaints. They move complaining customers to lesser used machines, but keep everyone else who either forgot about their VPS or are willing to put up with it on the same handicapped machine.

I would heavily advise against prepaying for 3 years up front as frankly I don’t think they’ll be around in three years. Play it somewhat ‘safe’ by sticking with 1 year cycles.

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I have two VM’s, both yearly, 1 ovz, 1 kvm. I have similar performance degradation problems with the ovz box. I won’t be renewing either one, but I thought I’d ask around.
Kyle responded to my ticket, and the offer is to double 1 resource, so my question was answered. But yeah, I feel the same about their longevity.

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I’ve said it before, but i’m not sure what you can expect from someone doing $10/year OVZ’s. The server is going to be multiple hundred running VM’s deep just to cover cost, and given these are all larger RAM plans, people do try to use it.

They are, barely over a year old, at most, yet have a 3 year offer on LEB, with a resource doubling on that…running KVM? How do you do 4 cores and 8GB RAM on a KVM and expect it to still run in 6 or so months when they have to backfill those nodes to try to keep the cash coming in? Getting some 3 year signups is all well and good but they have monthly costs that they have to keep feeding. At some point if there’s a lul (like they can’t get performance back up to acceptable levels by end-of-term) then they’ll not be able to honor their 3 year contracts.



Agreed 100%.

To me, it’s just another VortexNode situation. Going to ride the train as far as it’ll take me for the pennies that I gave them. When the train inevitably runs out of fuel, I won’t be surprised nor angry that I didn’t get to my destination, I’ll just be happy to have milked the situation as long as I could :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, so then there’ll be some random pull to try to move everything into Colo with a price hike to deal with it.

It’s just a really crap way of doing business.