Android Ad Blocker (Chrome)?

Hi Everyone,

I have installed adblock in chrome in my android device but it’s not blocking the popups and adverts?

How do you guys block popups in your browsers in android? and is there any way to block all those annoying popups and adverts? from youtube videos? like i’m using ublock in desktop and it pretty much blocks the popups and adverts even in youtube but they are not working in my phone :frowning:

Any help/guide is appreciated.

Ads are what annoy you?
Tried pihole?

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Haven’t heard of pihole.

Ads as youtube ads as well as dozens of ads visiting various website. amazingly popups were automatically blocked in safari with iOS but it’s not the same in chrome with android.

As far as YouTube ads, @Mason tipped me off to “Youtube Vanced” which is an edited binary which allows backgrounding and skips ads.

This. If you’re rooted you can also try AdAway.

I use AdGuard Pro on my Android and it blocks most ads (iirc the free version also blocks ads on broswsers). It’s done by HTTPS MITM though, so some might not like it.

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Just use a different browser. Kiwi browser (by geometry OU) is good. it has a built in AD blocker and is based off chrome. I never saw an AD on YouTube using it. Better yet use Firefox browser with ublock origin addon, you can disable pop-ups per website based in the ublock settings.

try blokada with custom host , you can find those host lists in github generally blu energized host list worked for me also you dont need rooted device for this

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Then add the serverip:port to your proxy settings in the wifi network menu. Unfortunately, it only work for wifi networks, not 3/4/5G networks

Modern Android (Android 9) has the setting for a Custom DNS that works regardless if you’re on a cellular or WiFi network. I have yet to set it up myself, since it’s DNS over TLS and that’s not supported by PiHole out of the box, but if you have the opportunity, that’d be your best bet. Else, there’s quite a few apps that allow you to set a custom DNS on both cellular and WiFi networks by making use of a VPN tunnel that only tunnels DNS traffic.

> imagine not having safari with extension support

rocking adguard pro on safari + dns <3

Ublock Origin on Firefox works good for me.

Android 9 custom DNS and enter AdGuard DNS. No need to use their app^^

In case you care, the dnsdist package support DoT and DoH. I’m frontending a half dozen Mikho pi-hole boxes with it.

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Cheers. I’ve been looking for a proxy and stumbled across DOH Proxy and cloudflare’s proxy but never went around to configure either of them. Will look into dnsdist.

Yeah, I followed pretty much the same route though I actually had dohproxy working. This combined all three pieces ( dns, dns-over-tls, dns-over-https ) into one, load balanced it, and they had a repository so it’d take updates rather than me having to check on PoC python code from the intarwebz.

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Figured as much from the quick Google search I ran. I did find a few Docker containers for dnsdist on dockerhub too, so I might give it a spin over the weekend, thanks again!

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Pihole on all my openvpn nodes. Configure listen on tun0 only. Add some ufw rules while you’re at it, to restrict port 53 to tun0