[Amsterdam] Intel Xeon E3 servers starting at €75 per month

Dear Visitor,

On behalf of Access2.IT Group B.V. (NL) we can provide following servers for a affordable price

Intel Xeon E3-1230
2x240GB SSD
5TB Traffic per month
For €75 per month

Intel Xeon E3-1230
2x500GB SSD
5TB Traffic per month
For €85 per month

Other configurations are also possible on request

Access2.IT Group B.V. has chosen Switch Datacenters in Amsterdam as it’s datacenter. Switch Datacenters is a tier-4 classified datacenter and has the following certifications:

  • ISO 27001: information security standard
  • ISO 14001: a family of standards related to environmental management(pending)
  • PCI-DSS Compliant: data protection for credit card transactions

Employees that are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What makes us so special is that we have good knowledge of all services that we offer.

We do not have to rely on external factors and have gained a lot of knowledge through our years of experience. We also offer our expertise (at a fixed rate) to help solve your problem.

Our network is built with Juniper hardware and is equipped with multiple fiber optic connections.
This configuration allows us to offer DDoS protection services.

DDoS protection
Our optional DDoS protection service filters on layer 3 + 4, we can filter up to 40 Gbps. Most DDoS-attacks are bought on the internet. 99% percent of the attacks use a UDP-attack which can be blocked on our network. Bigger attacks are mostly done by botnets. By using botnets the attack is much larger and almost impossible to filter. In the case of a botnet attack, we will apply a null route until the attack is stopped.

Any damage suffered by not meeting our agreements can not be recovered from Access2.IT. DDoS attacks are excluded from our SLA. It is not possible to recover damages from outages caused by DDoS attacks.

We can offer DDoS protection on request.

Spare parts
In the case of hardware failure, a replacement part or server is arranged with the agreed time (SLA).

When a major failure occurs and the server needs to be replaced, a similar server will be installed and data will be transferred.

If you make use of spare parts, we will keep a second server and disks available. In the case of a hardware failure the parts or disks can be transferred to the spare server without reconfiguring the server.

We can offer spare parts on request.

Remote management
All servers are equipped with remote management so that remotely restarting and shutting down becomes possible. This also allows you to remotely install your server.

SLA Managed
Access2.IT can offer the following service level agreements for managing your infrastructure:

SLA Managed Standard
Business days from 09:00 - 18:00
Response time: 24 hours (or the next day)
Included with all services

SLA Managed Standard & Standby
Usable: 24x7
Can be used: 24x7
Response time: 24 hours
Monthly price: €190

SLA Managed Expert
Usable: 24x7
Response time: 3 hours
Solved within: 6 hours
Monthly price: €530

SLA Managed Platinum
Usable: 24x7
Response time: 1 hours
Solved within: 3 hours
Monthly price: €1060

Our contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 85 401 6336
Skype: JoeriFrantz

Company details:
Access2.IT Group B.V.
Curaçaostraat 11, 1339KL Almere
The Netherlands
VAT: NL853006404B01
CoC: 58365400