AMD Epyc Benchmark - I need your feedback!


Thanks to @HIVELOCITY for the opportunity to test a server properly that a lot have been waiting for.

Specs of this monster:

AMD EPYC 16-Core 7351P @ 2.4Ghz
128GB DDR4
4x960GB NVMe

I will be running benchmarks and then will open a new thread with the full benchmark sponsored by

For now, I would need you guys to tell me what sort of Benchmarks / scripts you would like me to run to test this server extensively.

Following this, as benchmarking servers and desktops is something I love to do, I will also post this on a new blog I am developing. Expect this to be posted somewhere else as well.

So what tests would you like me to run other than the normal Geekbench, ServerScope etc?

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Server is installed but I am going to reinstall it with:

Latest Debian 64bit
Minimal installation

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Monero mining hashrate :joy:

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Lets get serious guys! :wink:

These systems support 128 PCIe lanes so I know the drive speeds will post impressive results.

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  • fio tests for those drives
  • geekbench
  • network tests (up & down)

All I can really think of right now that I’d want to see


dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/zero

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Initial tests indeed show this is a beast.

ffmpeg compilation is one of the first I like to try. also gcc compilation, though that doesn’t parallelize nearly as well.

Stockfish nodes/sec could be another interesting test.

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Any special parameters needed or just default?

I just use the defaults. Make sure to specify the number of threads to use, of course. I guess I’d start with 32 for that processor since it’s the number of hardware threads.

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Already done many benchmarks. Review should be posted tomorrow.

Cool. I’d be interested to know what applications anyone would run on a server like this. Splitting it into a pile of VMs seems to miss the point. I have occasionally wished for a huge server but most heavy compute stuff I do these days parallelizes ok to multiple smaller servers.

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This server is very, very impressive I must say. Damn.

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Could you run Geekbench?

Of course! Already have! :grin:


I can’t wait to hear the results.

Update, still running benchmarks. Should be ready tomorrow.

Morning, Miguel.

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Morning Aidan. This has not been forgotten. I have completed the benchmarks and will be posting these today.

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