Alternative to nextcloud or seafile pro for S3 storage?

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a solution that isn’t using nextcloud (because it’s **** with S3 it’s really fucking **** i can’t say it enough). I tried to mount my volume with goofys instead it worked well but nextcloud is soooooo slooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Then I looked at seafile but damn the pricing is **** once you pass 9 users it’s 4$ per users imagine I sell 10 gb to a custommer and he pays 7$ just to get 10gb (it’s ****).

So I was looking for any alternative that support LDAP and S3 if possible. And maybe not at the price of 4$ per users.

The best would be one that supports also modifying files online like in seafile or nextcloud.
I really like seafile however the pricing is really not the thing I need… Or maybe you have any tips for it?

Thanks for your help girls and guys as always I appreciate it.

Mount S3 via RClone for NextCloud, and make sure the NC data files aren’t put on that mount (there’s an issue on NC’s GitHub that should help you, I believe).

Mhmm, the issue I had with rsync was file conflicts, but i’ll test it out thanks for this first answer.

But what do you mean for NC data ?

I believe NC creates some files of it’s own, which it uses very frequently, in the folder specified for user files. That becomes an issue when the folder is remotely mounted. Also, it’s RClone, not RSync.

Yes sorry wanted to say rclone, any idea on how I can do that to setup two differents folders?

Apologies, the issue isn’t exactly the same, but probably still useful (since we’re exposing S3 via a mount, rather than using the inbuilt “External Storage” feature).