Alpnames Shut Down

Interesting. Anyone here use them?

Further information:

Wasn’t expecting this, but considering their small margin, I can understand why they’ve probably bankrupted.

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… And they were terminated. ICANN Invokes Process to Protect Registrants

For anyone that has domains with them, you can manage those by using the URL:

A registrar will be selected to migrate the domains to. I’d advise anyone here that has domains with Alpnames to login in the URL and migrate ASAP. There’s currently no way to renew domains, although my using LogicBoxes you can still unlock, transfer and such.

Robert from offered to take the domains, will be decided in the ICANN meetings. They’re offering the .com for $8.49 USD.

I’ve got a few domains with them, mainly .es domain hacks like Will look into transferring them ASAP.

I guess this is one time I’m glad that a registrar just used a reseller platform (LogicBoxes) rather than their own infra - even if Alpnames totally collapses, LogicBoxes is still likely to be able to help, since they’re the ones that actually run all the infra.


Same thing here, only thing left in Alpnames worth renewing I had was an .es domain hack. Wondering if I should try to transfer it out or wait and see what happens.

Looks like stuff is moving to ResellerClub. I received this via email:

Dear Registrant,
It is our understanding that you are a customer of Alpnames and manage domain names, related services through them as a service provider. Some of these domain names are provisioned through P.D.R Solutions (U.S.) LLC as the sponsoring registrar. You can identify the sponsoring registrar entity in the WHOIS record which may be retrieved here.

In light of Alpnames not providing registrants with necessary services for domain name functioning, we are making arrangements to facilitate continued services ONLY for domains and associated services registered through P.D.R Solutions (U.S) LLC. We will be provisioning new customer accounts for you and arrange for these services to be moved under the accounts as soon as can be done.

Only for domains that are registered with Public Domain Registry as the Registrar:

● Once your domain name is moved under the new account, you will be able to renew and manage your domain names and attached services through:

● For help documents related to renewing and managing your orders, you can refer:

● You will be provided support for these domain names and services by creating a ticket through

For domains that are registered with Alpnames as the Registrar:

● You can choose to transfer the domain name to a Registrar of your choice

● Alternatively if your domain and other associated services are active, you can wait for ICANN action to appoint a registrar

We will be sending another email once the move is complete so you can log in to manage your orders.

PDR Compliance


Started a transfer of my .es domain to NameCheap today. It isn’t available for automatic transfer so I had to hit up support via live chat. Lucky for me, it was completely free as .ES transfers include no +1 year renewal with them. The actual transfer was instant and the WHOIS updated immediately (Registrar: PDR → 1API), but NC support told me that the domain would show up in my account in 5-7 days, which is fine by me.

Have they closed their business?

I see they are keeping the domains in-house sort of speak LogicBoxes ,Public Domain Registry and ResellerClub all have one thing in common they are all owned by Endurance International Group.

Interesting, I didn’t realise NameCheap was a reseller… 1API is Hexonet.

I think Public Domain Registry and LogicBoxes are the same company. LogicBoxes customer agreement mentions PublicDomainRegistry: AFAIK ResellerClub is the same company too, and is their public-facing registrar, whereas LogicBoxes is the reseller portion of the company. They were all owned by Directi, I had no idea that EIG purchased Directi though. Going to transfer all my domains out ASAP, I didn’t realise my money was going to EIG.

Alpnames… let it burn…