AlphaRacks Officially Closing Their Doors

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After over a decade in business we regret to inform you that AlphaRacks is officially closing its doors. Given the recent outage that exceeded the provisions and financial capabilities of our disaster recovery plan, AlphaRacks will no longer be providing services. We were a budget focused VPS provider, which did not leave room for additional options financially within our disaster recovery plans.

We have contacted various different VPS hosting companies to attempt to establish a transfer agreement that is in accordance to our privacy policy. In addition, some of the below providers have reached out to us offering assistance / credit for our customers.

Below are other budget VPS providers that should provide you with a suitable new home for your VPS needs:

  • DigitalOcean - link
  • Dr Server - link
  • Altus Host - link
  • PSK Hosting - link
  • VirMach - link

We would like to thank our customers for a great decade of your Business and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


AlphaRacks Management.

I guess we saw this comming.

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How is this possible ? :crazy_face:

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Fixed it to be more accurate :money_mouth_face:


And to anyone who thinks profits from their affiliate sales will be put towards refunds… lay off the Kool-Aid.