- Yet Another VPS Resources/Tutorials Website

Yo ballers!

I created (shameless brag) with a hope that I’d be writing VPS related articles on it but due to personal commitments (I have a wife) & I’m caught up with a lot more (not side bitches though), I am unable to write any articles or even promote the site.

So if anyone wanna jump the boat, we can sail together.

What you’ll get:

  • Full wordpress admin access
  • Your affiliate/banners links on the website (if you want)

What I expect:

  • Just run the site using unique articles

What has been done till now (nothing to boast of):

  • Installed Wordpress (:frowning:) (sorry @WSS)

It’s running on BuyShared (you know whom to blame if the site goes down :stuck_out_tongue: ) & has been paid for a year full.
I’ll cover the hosting charges as well.

Oh and I’m willing to make creatives/graphics for the posts/articles if required.

So, let me know if you’re interested. (Guest posts/articles are also welcomed with your affiliate links)


500 euros per article.

I’m an expert on clickbait, much traffic very soon


I know it goes against the whole community spirit but I feel like anyone with enough time to literally run the site would and should launch their own, for their own benefit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks but I’ll pass :stuck_out_tongue:

True indeed. I just love the domain and would be happy if it turns out to be something useful.


If you build it, they will come … to shitpost!


We has allthe offers, very cheep and effything unlimited



@WSS don’t you wanna help the community with your Ninja sys admin skills? Come on! Help me with the site please :smiley:

echo ‘<html><head><title>KVM</title></head><body>GET A KVM FUCKPOCKET!</body></html>’ > /var/www/public_html/index.html


Now that’s a good start, you can definitely bring more to the table.

This WordPress theme looks pretty good.

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Thanks man, its a free theme available on :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have found it!

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So anyone interested to run with me? (we can discuss the monetary benefits privately)

At least invest in a nicer theme :frowning:

Down with designs. :frowning:

Edit: didn’t see that coming!

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I prefer this one :wink: