A Warning: Cloudxtiny

I know most of you are on LET and may have seen the thread about Cloudxtiny but it doesn’t hurt to get the warnings spread around. I’ll give a rundown.

And that’s about it. Some pretty shady stuff from a provider you might want to stay away from.

Edit: Added refund link


Thanks for the play-by-play!

I never had a good impression about them. I’m fairly confident that this provider used to charge a fee to enable TUN/TAP on the cheap yearly VMs (something that’s typically an option in the panel to enable – not some manual time-consuming process)


This thread saved me four pages of time.

Is what I would have said if I saw this first :frowning:


Nice work gathering that evidence in one place :slight_smile: I used to be with them when they were httpzoom and back then they were fine. When the cloudxtiny transition happened they turned to shit. And yes they charged like 15 pounds or euros (I forget exactly) to enable tun tap ppp etc.

After the stunts they pulled recently and got busted scamming, and then fire sale the company it just reeks of an exit scam.

My apologies.

Butt you know why I had to do it, right?

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And a final update

Dear, It is with some sadness we need to announce that from the 31st of January we will stop providing all services. It was a difficult year last year and we have been struggling to recover from some changes in our business and the increasingly difficult business climate. This has also been compounded by some difficult with our suppliers so we have been forced to make this difficult decision. We are still in talks with our suppliers but we expect to be able to keep all services online and accessible till the 31st of January 2019, beyond that date, we will not be able to guaranty all services will be available as we wind down the operation. We will not be collecting any more invoices and we will endeavor to refund any payments in the last 14 days, beyond that we will not be able to issue a refund at this point. We apologise for this state of affairs. Thank you. Cloudxtiny Team

Ouch. Well… if someone paid for a year of service 15 days ago, I’m pretty sure PayPal would like to have a word.

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