A Humble Suggestion

This is just my opinion but it is deeply rooted at this point in time. When someone posts “the end is nigh” I imagine them to be the same people that yell “freebird” at every concert and “get in the hole” anytime someone hits a golf ball. Quite lame.


The end is freebird.


The end is nigh.

I’m on the fence. A well positioned “the end is nigh” zinger can have some comedic value if done at the right point in time (i.e. when some shithost is showing signs of imminent demise). But definitely agree that it can also be overused.

Your complaint has been forwarded up the chain of command to the head fartmother. Any additional replies will cost $7. Furthermore, debian, thx.


Every community has their memes. We’re just young nubiles, so we’ve had to import them.

With Deepest Regards,


hivelocity is nigh
debian thx is nigh
$7 is nigh
humble suggestion is nigh
nigh is nigh

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The end is nigh.

You cannot argue it.

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“The end is nice”

sounds a bit more positive

“The end is positive” sounds a bit more fatalist.

“The end is fatal”

sounds a bit more realist

Maybe I need to drink more beer before reading this post, but it seems to me like you aren’t posting asking for someone to convince you are wrong… which is counter intuitive to the whole point of posting on a forum.

I was not aware that is what forums were for.

Please feel free to try convincing me I am wrong though. I learned a long time ago and am reminded over and over again, when I swear something is the worst, it turns out a huge group of people think I am the weird one. Take the PT Cruiser for instance, which I also have deeply rooted ill feelings toward. I swore 15 years ago no one would ever buy a car that looks and drives like hell, and yet I see one on the road every day.


Some people have a fetish for pain.


What about the HHR? People collect those damn things!

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That’s… beautiful. Have you thought of making greeting cards?

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The end is Nye


Pretty sure he ended himself with the SJW pandering bullshit, FWIW.

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You are not the first one asking me… maybe i should, yes


Source: The End Is Nigh by Antonas Deduchovas on Dribbble