1U Colocation Providers in Chicago/Ashburn/East Coast?

I’ve been looking to replace my 4790k at OVH with something a little more powerful, decided that building a 3700X-based 1U is the best option. I’m looking for a colo provider or suggestions/pricing estimates for the following providers or any resellers for them I could contact, along with other providers I may have missed, or reasons to stay away from any of the following.

Providers I’ve found: PhoenixNAP, zColo, Psychz, Turnkey, Fiberhub, 123Net (Local)

I’ll need 1U, 1-2A, 25-50TB @ 1Gbps or 100Mbit (@ 1Gbps, or unmetered), reasonable remote hands. Somewhere around $50-$100, with good network reliability and decent routing.

Sadly already checked with QuickPacket, they don’t offer single server… I love their network/DC :frowning:


Does Miami count as East Coast?

In the past we have used ColoPronto for co-location in their Miami data center and had excellent service with no issues. We were sad to leave them but we no longer required a presence in the US. I don’t know if they meet your requirements across the board, but I would suggest that a chat with them may well be in order.

Close, it gets really expensive when you get into ANY extra bandwidth though. Miami wouldn’t be bad, it is considered east coast, though I’m a bit worried about EU there… I use the current server to run a few gameservers randomly (Minecraft, GMod, whatever we feel like playing) and reasonably okay ping to the usual locations is pretty necessary.

Sorry we couldn’t help, but thanks for the mention anyway. :slight_smile:

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