1U cheap colocation in EU

After paying so much to OVH, I am now planning to setup a 1U server in EU and starting my own line of servers in EU. One of the offers that I got:
1U rack space (UK colo)
1amp included
10Gbps Bandwidth
BGP Access
A+B redundancy

I can’t believe that such options might even exist😐. Anyone can offer anything similar in EU? (I’ve no idea about the datacenter landscape in EU)
My general requirements are:
1U colo
120W average, 200W peak electricity usage of server
BGP access
1Gbps Bandwidth (10Gbps if I can have it cheap)
BGP Access (Must)

Any referrals or offers?

Hello!! @ankesh
That offer looks great! :star_struck:

Try Level One Servers.

I have a couple of servers with them in the US and all good.

Edit: nevermind, they don’t do colo in EU anymore

Exactly my point, looks unrealistic…:face_holding_back_tears:

I am curious if one could fill a server case with raspberry pi compute modules and rent these as small dedicated servers in a datacenter. I don’t know if there is any provider offering something like this.

Yep, some providers do it already but it’s arm64… so comes with it’s limitations in compatiblity. We have space in India if you’d like to rent one… though it does not have redundancy