1mb.site - Free Static Website Host

This was posted on LET by willie, just copy pasting

https://1mb.site/ is a new free static website host seemingly something like github pages, with a code editor and stuff. I’m happy with afreecloud but mentioning this in case it’s of interest here. It’s getting good play on HN: Show HN: 1MB – Free and easy static website hosting and database | Hacker News

Pretty sleek btw, I do tend to have a couple of static websites on it. Will post a brief review later.


Very interesting. Hurts me as much as it arouses me.

Hopefully they can keep spam under control. Easy free hosting sites are very common targets for phishing pages, sometimes to the point where the entire domain needs to be blocked on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc because spammer use their free subdomains for phishing.

I used to help run a free web host (long time ago, maybe 15 years ago now) and even though it was a post-to-host host that required active forum participation to create a hosting account, we’d still have accounts with phishing pages, either accidentally (insecure passwords, hacked WordPress installations) or intentionally.

Pretty sure there’s nothing specifically right-wing about it, but I’ll have to make an Anti-Zuck page just to ensure the domain is greylisted.

Not on fucking 1MB, its not going to happen.

What’s not going to happen? They’re not going to keep spam under control, or they’re not going to have spam? They appear to offer a database with the hosting which would be enough for a phishing site to be hosted on it.

1MB should be enough to code a part of the design of a known site and put 2 inputs for email and password. I might be wrong.

Well to replica a full site its not enough, but maybe you can squeeze a fake login replica page and pull some fishing off with it.
I mean there exist so much free shared hosting these days, you could use any shared hosting for that.

Of course there will always abuse, but why should someone choose that small storage.
I do not get the point, I guess the abuse rate will be pretty low on it, compared to other shared hosting packages. Also you do not know, if he runs VPN checks if you signUP and stuff.

Fake login pages seems to be the big game these days. That’s most of what I see day to day.

…and they’re always, always copied over via CPanel VirtFS. I don’t think I’ve seen one ina year that hasn’t been.

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