1Fichier Spring Sale - 1 Year Premium: 15€, 6 Years: 75€ (with vouchers)

So it’s 1Fichier Deal Time again :slight_smile:
Grab them while it’s hot!

Cold Storage: 2TB (upgradeable in CP although never tried that so don’t know the price)

Hot Storage (accessed within 60 days): Unlimited

1fichier.com: Cloud Storage

If you want to know more about 1Fichier, check my review on another Forum (maybe I’ll just make a thread with it here as well). :slight_smile:


+100% with paypal… :expressionless:

I usually pay with my Revolut Prepaid VISA or Paysafecard :slight_smile: Bank transfer is also available.

Alternatively look for their reseller list. Lots of resellers offering 1 year for 15-17€ and accept PP :slight_smile:

I’ve tried many of the resellers. Most of them does not accept pp or out of stock. Can you recommend a good reseller that accepts pp?

@sanvit Does resell some keys iirc (for 15€ish). Bought from him the last time. I believe the last reseller I used was Instantcode (although a while ago).


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Thanks for the mention!

Use this link to buy via PP :wink:


Use Transferwise if you can load balance to this.

I purchased last week a year premium plan only for try the Transferwise bank transfer in Euros xD

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They are hella slow. I won’t recommend them even for personal backup

so what do you recommend for that price?

For the same price point, honestly there’s no other service that offers storage and doesn’t delete files on inactivity but it’s slow to the point that it’s almost unusable.
On a 1Gbps connection, the max I got was 20-30Mbps upload speed on 1ficher

I use it for website backups. The avg. website is less than 1GB size. 20-30 Mbps is smth I can totally live with. Cheapest website remote backup solution with 2TB storage I can think of :slight_smile:

In my opinion 1Fichier is one of the best backup solutions out there. It may not be fast with constant gigabit connection in bandwidth, but it’s definitely good and cheap, especially with special offers like this.

The main issue people notice is those 60 days on cold storage, after which files get deleted. Using some custom scripts with their API and some wget/curl, just “touch” the files by starting a download once a month, and that will refresh the files in cold storage. Please note that if you have many files, those will still appear in cold storage, but will not be deleted in 60 days because you “touch” them with a download (I consider this as a bug on their side). To achieve this “refresh” of files, simply use that bare-bone, dirt-cheap, low-end NAT vps you got on offer and it’s still idling somewhere.

Other people complain about FTP. Yes, you can only upload, but this is not actually designed to be abused as a hot redundant storage. 1Fichier is designed to either share files with other people, or use it as a short-term storage. If you would take weekly backups it’s just perfect, because you would constantly have 8 last backups, without even touching or downloading any of the archives in 60 days. In my opinion 1Fichier uses FTP like this to stop abuse on their network and storage, while allowing professionals/sysadmins to take advantage of their storage through APIs and more advanced scripting.

Even though I can’t really define what 1Fichier is, I do like it, and I hope they will continue to evolve and provide services like this as long as possible.


rclone to support 1Fichier:


Seems good. Can anyone tag me next time a deal comes for it? 60 days of hot backups would work for me just great!

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Will try to remember tagging you when I hear about it^^

Thaml Thank you ^-^

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The offer is back.


Great offer but I’ve let my 1Fichier expire this year and fell in love with Koofr :stuck_out_tongue:

Datacenter in Ljubljana / Slovenia, or Germany ?

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HETZNER Germany :smiley: 3 times replicated apparently.

Where are my files being kept?

All our servers that keep your files are located in highly secured, protected and ISO 27001 certified data centres inside the European Union (Germany). This allows us to guarantee compliance with EU data privacy legislation.

Your privacy is our mission Privacy policy - Koofr

It is our goal to hold as few personal data as possible while being able to provide our service to you.

We do not use any third party tracking tools like Google Analytics on our websites or in our services.

We do not put any Cookies in your browser, with the exception of the one that keeps you logged into our application.

Our servers are hosted in the European Union, in Germany, in secure and protected, ISO 27001 certified data centers.

All your files are yours alone, except when shared with your friends or other people by you. We give you effective tools for staying in control of your sharing settings.

All communication between you and our service is encrypted from the moment you land on our landing page on.

Content of your files is kept encrypted on our secure servers. Your files are divided into small parts with mathematical magic and stored in a way that ensures their eternal safety.

The meta information - such as owner, name, size, type, decryption keys etc. - about your files is kept on separate servers, away from the actual content. Imagine having a library of scrambled books with blank covers and a separate well locked room containing index cards linking the books with their titles and owners.

While we do our best to prevent unauthorized access to your account, the most can be done by you using a strong, random, unique password. We also provide optional two-factor authentication - you should enable it.

Your email is used as the username in our application. We will never send any marketing materials or newsletters to your address. You may receive important service notifications from us occasionally, such as notice of account expiration, changes to our policies or invoices for paid upgrades, or various automatic notifications that you may have requested, like when someone uploads files to you.

Privacy of your data and information is at the very core of our values and services. This is why we regularly check our data collection processes to reassess the needs for specific data.

We will never sell or give your data to any advertiser, tracking company or other third party, except those associated with us providing you with the service, such as our payment processor and accounting.