$1/TB/month Is Here -- Tape Backup Alternative

Amazon announced a new service called, Glacier Deep Archive, which will start up in 2019. The aim of this service is to replace conventional tape backups, thus the product is meant for super cold storage that would only be retrieved in case of emergency.

I bet they had a ton of extra space after kicking everyone off of unlimited cloud drive accounts and needed a new product to fill the gap. Pure speculation, of course. Decent idea nonetheless.

Any of y’all have a use for such a service?


I would possibly be interested as another means to keep backups of my ISO collection. We’ll see though :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 700TB+ in iso collection :roll_eyes:


I guess it’s a good option for family pictures and important archived documents.

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I shall be a user. It is cheap, so why not?

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1$ wooo but but but…

Its amazon, who knows what they charge you for bandwith
Also, its on bloody Tape drives, so it takes several hours to recover it.

May not be optional for the hardcore porn user but, if you store something for like half a year or a few years maybe.

Still, no one has beaten the 1.59EUR from Hetzner yet, except OVH on BF with 1.40 per TB.

Bandwidth will likely be expensive since it’s only meant for emergency backups. I don’t believe that tape is the actual storage medium, but you can probably expect extremely slow speeds when downloading the files since they aren’t meant for hot storage.

Definitely not meant for a hobbyist, but for corps this seems like an attractive and cheap service