What has been the most useless incident you have been called for as the "IT-guy"?

So I called vodafone again since i had packetloss

The moment you talk to man “IT specialist”, and he does not know what packetloss is.
You know you are in deep shit.

But kudos, afterwards I got forwared to guy who had knowledge.
Sad, my issue still not fixed, bah.

I had a 200k line before, the fuck I replaced it with LTE.
The worst decision I could make, just issues…

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Office copier was malfunctioning (aka not working). I informed the people. A woman approached with a file of paper to apparently copy. I reminded her that the copier wasn’t working. Her response was, “Oh, that was meant for me as well?”

Wanted to murder her.

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it reminds me something similar I witnessed when I was in uni, I was making some photocopies and a group of young gals were asking the local tech guy how to perform a front-and-back copy on the copier machine next to me
“You just have to press this button and it will keep the sheet inside so it can be printed on the back too”
One of the gals counted how many pages they needed to copy, placed the book on the machine and hit the “copy” button consistently.
They then asked the same tech guy why they were obtaining copies of the same page, printed front-and-back, on different sheets.
“Well, you’re supposed to turn the pages after each copy, a copier machine doesn’t turn pages of a book on its own… and it has not some kind of X-Ray vision, you know”
“But you didn’t tell us we were supposed to turn the pages as well
He tried to smile but I remember his desolate, glazed look as if the last fading hopes in the new generations had just definitively abandoned him


Oh, hell, yeah, I know the feeling.

“Use your god damn brain. It’s not rocket science,” sort of feeling.

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