[Weekly Poll] Code Source & Version Control Software

Seafile is significantly faster at syncing than Nextcloud/Owncloud, particularly if you have a lot of small files. It’s because the core is written in C and is much more efficient than Nextcloud’s PHP code. They also recently released a new “Drive Client” (https://www.seafile.com/en/help/drive_client/) that only downloads files when you need them, rather than always syncing everything. Very useful if you have a LOT of files “in the cloud” that you rarely use, but still want quick access to.

Also, Seafile focuses only on file syncing. They don’t have a whole heap of other random stuff you may not even use.


Most of the projects I work on are open-source and hosted on Github. For private projects, I used to use Bitbucket, but I’m migrating everything over to a self-hosted Gitea. Gitea is extremely lightweight and efficient… I’d definitely recommend it!


Nice! May consider switching over myself then too. Always down to try something new :slight_smile:

Let me know how you get on. I’m a “heavy” nextcloud user, but I do tend to use it for syncing my data so the selective sync would be nice, I’ve fudged in nextcloud. I do only use it for files… None of the other things it can do