Thoughts on Lifetime Hosting?

It’s a nice thing if you don’t abuse, if you keep it to a reasonable quota, storage is cheap, and you can get funding to invest on stuff you need - it helps the company. It’s also marketing, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Granted, there are plenty of lifetime deals that are just too good to be true.


I hear ya. There’s this one deal where you are just spawned in a random location, the graphics are great, the story is usually pretty lame and ultimately you just get to do your stuff for an uncertain amount of time and then it’s over. Oh, I think it was called “life”?! At least that deal was “free” :wink:


That’s an interesting point of view!!! :smiley:

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Personally, I won’t trust anything to be lifetime that doesn’t have a steady supply of resources, and some means to ensure services are paid for.

One of the most recent changes I recall to these services was one company charging “Maintenance” or some other horseshit. Although pulling it on people later, I still find it more plausible and reliable than offering it for free -forever, and praying you eventually make a profit.

Web 1.0 is long gone, and Web 2.0 didn’t really learn from their mistakes- but this current iteration is still trying!

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Good ole CloudAtCost

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In the last few months Ive bought quite a few lifetimes deals…
… Till now only one went underwater and that’s because they got bought by a larger player that claimed they were not able to serve European customers.
It was the accounting app, Billy.


Once you stop seeing it as “lifetime” deal but rather “one-time” payment, it doesn’t sound so bad. Still, I’ve only bought lifetime deals of companies where I thought they’d stick around long enough.

Which other deals did you get? :wink:


I’ve said it before. Lovin your humor :slight_smile: Keep it up mate!

I honestly like lifetime deals. Everything is getting cheaper as technology evolves, so keeping these plans alive will be good publicity thorough time for that hosting company (because they are serious and respect their deals). On the other hand though, if those lifetime plans need huge support, it all becomes a pain in the back to keep.


Unless com
Project co
Tooltip co
Snov io
…and Influence co

I need to stop.

PS: I didn’t get Miguel lifetime deal but I’m a client. I also didnt get MXroute lifetime deal but I’m also a client. The reason is that I love those guys so my it’s a way to support them. And they both give me cookies :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 99: My approach /objectice with LTDs is to have more than one for each category. I fully expect for some to fall of the cracks by failing, but if one suceeds then It’s a WIN for the whole category.


Nice list :smiley: As for me:

VPN Unlimited
Windscribe Pro
Getflix SmartDNS/VPN (equivalent to SmartDNSProxy)
Plex Lifetime

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I guess lifetime is fine if it comes from a reputable company (e.g. has been in business for like 5+ years). The only lifetime offer I have ever purchased is Plex Pass. Lifetime can work for hosting, but usually the price exceeds many years of ‘regular’ service and I’d rather not commit to using that particular hosting for years to come. Not only because they can go belly up, but predominantly because of the fact that quality of service might drastically decrease (and it usually does overtime as hosts fill up). Next to that, hosting industry still advances like any other industry and I might not be getting the latest and greatest that I need for my service to remain online / up to date.


Thing is, reputation is built over time and the vast majority of Lifetime deals are from companies that are just starting out. It’s a way to spread the word and get some funding without giving equity in return.
In the long run, if the company succeeds, it’s cheaper for the owner to provide free service to who invested in the company than having let go 50…60…70…80…90% of the company for funding.


Sure, but another thing to take into account here is that like 99% of all companies fail to survive the first year. So in that case it’s more a gamble than anything else, I personally wouldn’t bet on that unless I feel like gambling and I get my money worth within a few months.

I was more referring to subscription models (like Plex Pass) that do have a lifetime subscription that comes in at like 2 - 3x the annual fee.

It’s a gamble, just a small one on comparison to possible gains.
I am not able to put all my LTDs to work… and still use some subscriptions to do stuff I have LTD’s for. Because you’re right, I’m betting that they will grow to become a real player.

But let’s put into prespective.
I have spend anywhere between $49 and $260 for each of my LTDs. (Yeah I never go all in with those $600 options cause… it’s a lot of $$$ for me) so I don’t need for many of my LTDs to suceed in order to be a win for me. :wink:

At this point also thinking about getting Brizy Builder lifetime? Already got Divi but Brizy has a bit of a cleaner approach :slight_smile: Anyone used it?

Lifetime hosting seems a lot like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Lifetime is a great fit for MXroute. It’s really easy to squeeze in 10GB storage allocations that are largely unused. The real cost is on outbound infrastructure, which is more than paid for by the packages actually filling up the servers.

Of course, lifetime means lifetime of the company.

I basically use it as expansion funding. It’s like a loan for hardware only paying it back is effortless and buried under the regular business activities. Bonus points that it includes built in marketing through word of mouth, which increases sales of other packages. In that way one could almost compare it to the cost of an affiliate program on the bottom line (Granted technically higher risk as it isn’t dependent on it, but it was an unexpected benefit).